Kari Huhtamo’s Grand Exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery


Huhtamo Variatio Arctica Sculptura, Kari Huhtamo’s grand exhibition opens at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow on 3 September. Works of art by Kari Huhtamo are on exhibit in all of the three Tretyakov Gallery art museum buildings.

There are four meters-high sculptures in front of the main entrance of the Old Tretyakov Gallery building. Their material is polished steel, which, with Huhtamo’s form of expression, captures an illusion of lightness and spirituality.

Nearly forty of Huhtamo’s steel sculptures, from 1980 on, are on display in the exhibition. The most recent sculptures were finished this year. The main exhibition is in the new part of the Tretyakov Gallery, in the ”Tolmatchevsky” museum building. There are 22 sculptures as well as Huhtamo’s drawings and graphics on display in the building. The new Tretyakov Gallery, the Central House of Artists house, displays 12 of Huhtamo’s sculptures.

Finland’s President Tarja Halonen is the Exhibition Patron.

Brochure of the one man exhibition of the sculptor Kari Huhtamo in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow.

Huhtamo - the First Finnish Tretyakov Gallery Exhibition Artist Ever

Lidia Iovleva, First Deputy Director of the Tretyakov Gallery, says that, although art-related contacts with Finland have always been active, Kari Huhtamo is the very first Finnish artist ever to have his own exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery. The opening of the Variatio Arctica Sculptura exhibition is on Thursday, 3 September. Lidia Iovleva opens the exhibition and Matti Anttonen, Ambassador of Finland to Russian Federation, delivers a speech. The exhibition is on display at the Gallery until 4 October.

Tretyakov – Among World’s Best Art Museums

The Tretyakov Gallery is one of the biggest art museums in Europe and among the most notable art museums in the world. The Gallery houses 130,000 works of art, with its collection ranging from icons dating back to the 12th century to contemporary art. Each year, over six million art lovers visit the Gallery.

The history of the Tretyakov Gallery started in 1856 when a wealthy businessman Pavel Tretyakov acquired his first painting, Skirmish with Finnish Smugglers. The old part of the Tretyakov Gallery was built in 1902 - 1904.

Brochure of the one man exhibition of the sculptor Kari Huhtamo in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow.

A Russian/English Book on Huhtamo

Huhtamo Variatio Arctica Sculptura, a bilingual (Russian-English) book will be published at the beginning of September. At the end of September, a Finnish/English version will also be published. The book displays over one hundred photographs, most of them taken by Jussi Tiainen. All exhibition sculptures are displayed in the book. It also includes Huhtamo’s works of art from the 1970s as well as all of his significant public works of art.

Timo Valjakka’s text presents Huhtamo the Artist, his artistic character, and his works of art.
– Although Huhtamo uses industrial materials and forms with millimetre precision, for the viewer, Huhtamo’s sculptures instantly create an image of mercurial construction art where the main principles are repetition, symmetry, and functionality, Valjakka describes Huhtamo’s art.

Lidia Iovleva, First Deputy Director of the Tretyakov Gallery, wrote the foreword to the book, Kari Piippo did the layout for the book, and Parvs Publishing publishes it.

Kari Huhtamo was born in 1943 in Rovaniemi and lives presently in Helsinki. In Finland, his public sculptures are on exhibit in several cities and his works of art are in all notable art museum and public collections.

Rautaruukki Oyj is the main sponsor of the Huhtamo Variato Arctica Sculptura exhibition. The exhibition is also sponsored by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the State Visual Arts Committee, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sanoma Magazines, Fintemet, and Frame.


Tretyakov - studio, Kari Huhtamo

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